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When are you open?

Our hours vary by season. We are generally open Monday – Sunday, but our hours can change. Visit the page of the season you are interested in knowing more about to get the latest hours for each location.

Do you accept checks?

We do accept checks with a driver’s license and phone number. Checks may be made payable to Schopf Bros. LLC

Do you accept credit cards?

We do! We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you take the FMNP checks?

We do accept FMNP (Farmer’s Market Nutritional Program) checks that are distributed through the PA Department of Agriculture. These checks are valid only on produce that is grown in Pennsylvania. During the fall season, these are only able to be used on neck pumpkins.

Is your produce organic?

No, our homegrown sweet corn and most of our other products are not organic. If we buy produce from another local farm and the items are certified organic, we will be sure to advertise that extra value.

Is everything you sell homegrown?

By August, everything we sell will either be grown here on one of our farms or from a local Lancaster County farm.

Is your sweet corn genetically modified?

Genetically modified corn refers to seed that has a “built-in” insecticide, and therefore has chemical already in the seed. Because GMO corn has not been thoroughly tested and approved, people may be concerned about the safety of the chemicals in the seed. We researched the seed we use with our supplier and the seed we use for our varieties of sweet corn does not have this chemical in it, so it is GMO-free. That being said, we do use pesticides on our sweet corn. Differences between GMO corn and corn sprayed with insecticides include:
The insecticides we use are all approved
When we spray insecticides, we are applying it to the “outside” of the ear of corn, whereas the insecticide from GMO corn comes form the “inside”.
We spray insecticides as minimally as we can
There is also confusion confusion between GMO corn and “enhanced” corn. A lot of corn grown today is sugar-enhanced, or a hybrid of several varieties. The object of this is to get the sweetest corn possible. As seed companies experiment with hybrids, new varieties of corn develop, and old ones that do not have the flavor or sweetness tend to die away. A great example of this is with Silver King- the primary white variety that we grow. When Silver King hit the market, the old variety of Silver Queen began to die off, and now it is extremely difficult to get seed for Silver Queen. Just because a corn variety is sugar-enhanced or a hybrid does not mean it is GMO.

Do you take orders for quantities of corn?

Yes! We have a convenient link on this site that lets you email us your order. Many people like to order corn for freezing or for corn roasts and picnics, and we offer quantity discounts for 5 dozen or more as soon as our corn becomes plentiful.

How can I get a job at Schopf Bros Farms?

Easy- just click the link on the website to download the application!

What is your email address?

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