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About Our Farm

Local Farm - Fresh Produce

Gene and Jim Schopf have been farming since their childhood. Their father was a schoolteacher and a farmer, and they always assisted in the daily responsibilities that came with raising produce. While Gene was in 7th grade, he began selling small amounts of homegrown vegetables to his neighbors. Gene is the elder brother by 6 years. He and Jim became partners in 1984 when Gene was a senior in high school and Jim was only in 6th grade! In addition to peddling their homegrown produce door-to-door, they set up a roadside market in front of their parents’ house. They soon expanded their roadside stand business by opening up several additional stands at local farms. They raised sugar peas, spring onions, rhubarb, cantaloupes, watermelons, sweet corn, pumpkins, and about anything else you could imagine. 

The brothers were always driven to work hard and be entrepreneurs to perfection. They continued their produce operations while Gene attended college at Millersville University and Jim completed high school. Gene completed college and married his wife Sandy in 1992. They purchased their own farm in the spring and set up another roadside market on this location. Schopf Bros. Farms now began selling flowers, summer produce, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. Schopf Bros. Farms has grown over the years: they now jointly operate 2 farms (Jim married his wife Andrea in 2000 and purchased his own farm), and 2 roadside markets. Like their father, Gene and Jim both became teachers and taught at local high schools until 2003.

In 1993, Gene and Jim also created the popular Halloween theme park, Field Of Screams. As both Field Of Screams and Schopf Bros. grew, the brothers decided to resign from teaching in 2003 to dedicate all their efforts to their agritainment business and roadside markets. They now have 9 full-time employees who work year-round on the farms and designing Field of Screams. They focus primarily on raising 25 acres of sweet corn, along with pumpkins and additional vegetables.


Schopf Bros. ca 2023

In addition to 9 full-time employees, Schopf Bros. has been fortunate to extend to the second generation, as Gene's two sons, Kyle and Tanner, have joined the business full-time.

Pictured from left to right:

Gene, Tanner, Jim, and Kyle Schopf

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